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Maria Luisa Empanadas
Bring an assortment of delicious empanadas for the delight of the community. Our gourmet empanadas are handmade Argentine turnovers packed with a variety of mouthwatering fillings.

Our Empanadas are delicately prepared using the finest local ingredients and spices. We never use artificial flavors or ingredients and do not use additives or preservatives in any of our fillings. Our hand crafted artisan dough is made from unbleached flour and is always free of trans-fats.

Maria Luisa Empanadas add the perfect dimension to any dining experience. Whether you are planning an event, office party or a relaxing night at home; you can always count on our empanadas to surpass your expectations and take your taste buds on a culinary adventure to traditional Argentina.

Best of all, we deliver right
to your door step!
“I remember my grandmother, Maria Luisa, making hundreds of empanadas for our Sunday family gatherings. The sound of Tango music playing in her Buenos Aires apartment and the delicious smell seeping from her kitchen are memories that live on through each batch of empanadas I make and share with the world” –
Rodrigo Cappagli, Chef
“It's a pleasure getting to share Maria Luisa Empanadas with people and watch them smile with utter satisfaction every time they try one of these delectable treats. Just as important to us is our community and we are committed to doing our part to contribute and promote the use of local ingredients and the craftsmanship of handmade foods. These empanadas are the perfect marriage between local ingredients and Argentinean hands!” –
Sarah Santos, Sales
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